ENS Tools
Check Name
Check the current status of an ENS name, including normalization, expiry, resolver, wrapped state, and subnames. If you're about to buy a name, check this page first!
Set Primary Name
Set your ENS Primary Name. Works when setting on behalf of a contract address you own, or a separate address that you're an operator for, too!
Unwrap Name
You have "upgraded" a name, or in other words wrapped the name in the ENS Name Wrapper. Use this tool to unwrap that name, if the permission to unwrap has not been revoked.
Set Public Resolver Manager
If you are using the latest Public Resolver, then you can use this to approve separate manager accounts that can edit your records, but can't transfer any names.
Set Records
Set ETH address or text records if you can't use the official manager app. Useful if you're using a separate Public Resolver manager for wrapped names.